¡Hasta pronto!

4 Dec

This is my last post for Multimedia Journalism. I’m not sure yet if I’m going to continue posting, I will try to do it, but because of that I titled this post see you soon instead of goodbye.

For me this experience has been so exciting (above all traveling but write about it too). It was a little difficult to express myself in English and I know that even now I don’t have a perfect grammar but I think that this help me to improve my writing.

Traveling around Bulgaria and knowing another countries and culture makes me more comprehensive and have less prejudices, and that’s the most important lesson for me in all this time.

Besides what I said before, I learn practical things for my future job (if its succeeds) like use Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere, Audacity…and interesting Internet tools like Dropbox, Pinterest, SoundCloud, Storify…

It was a big difference for me have a course like that, more active and with a direct relation with the professor, and maybe it was a little difficult for me to get used to it but I know that it helps me a lot because it makes me work harder like I will do in a future. So basically I had learned the basic practice things that every journalism has to known and I’m glad for it.

Summarizing I can only say one thing about all this experience and it’s that I had learned a lot about lots of things with the travels and with the blog and I think I haven’t done it so badly. At least it was useful for me that is the important thing for me.

So I hope next semester I will continue travelling, maybe posting but I don’t think I will be able to do it every week, and improving my English, of course.

In my last video I mixed some photos that I posted before with videos and photos that I’ve never showed. One of this videos is in Sofia where we were watching a football match between Bulgaria football team and Italian football team and we had a little accident with a flare (hopefully it was just a scare).

I hope you enjoy it.

See you soon!


Why choose Spain as a tourist destination?

27 Nov

Rila Monastery, Bulgaria

26 Nov

Next to Blagoevgrad there is a religious and calm place that hides a long history. It is Rila Monastery.

One you are arriving there is impossible to figure out what are you going to see. Outside it doesn’t seem so spectacular but when you enter you get a bug surprise.

The best moment to visit it, for me, is in Autumn. You can feel the religious atmosphere better than in summer, when lots of tourists are there. And nature make this place magical.

Another amazing thing of this place are the paintings on the walls and ceilings that are really wonderful, it’s a perfect place to feel the peace and calm of the mountains. Spirituality breathes in all its corners even if you are not religious you can notice all this things.


So summarizing, Rila is one of the touristic places you must visit when you are in Bulgaria. And of course, if you are tired you can pass a night there enjoying the spirituality atmosphere…maybe is not so comfortable but it will be an interesting experience for sure!

Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

20 Nov

I’ve lived in Blagoevgrad almost four months and I think is time to speak a little about this town and its touristic places.

At first appereance Blago doesn’t have any specially beautiful (except the surrounding nature). It count’s with some fountains in the center, near de Main Building of the American University, and some sculptures too.

But this city has an old and beautiful part. There you can find an hotel, a church and some beautiful and typical houses, it reminds me sweedish houses because of the architecture and the location.


Near there, there is a big park too where you can enjoy nature. And then, walking by the river around 4 kilometres from our ressidence (Skaptopara) you arrive at a beautiful (and artificial) lake in the mountains where you can ride a swan by only 2 leva.

And that’s one of the best things of Blago, is a very cheap town where you can eat for less than 5 Euros, go to the cinema for less than 3 Euros or have a drink for 1,5 Euros.

Live here could become too monotonous, but stay here a couple of days and leveraged to go to Rila Monastery and or going party could be a good option.


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12 Nov

It’s know for everybody that Rome is one of the most interesting cities in the world to visit, so it will be an interesting destination to spanish students too.

In every corner of Rome you will find something historical that reminds you the past. You can feel the magic of Roman Empire walking by the Forum, visiting the Colisseo or imagining the Circus (because there isn’t anything in this space) And you can feel the religious spirit too when you arrive to the Vatican.

This city is really amazing and above all for those who love history it will be perfect. The only bad things you can say about this city are the dirt (is not very clean in general) and that is too full of tourists, queues are endless and sometimes you can feel a little overwhelmed because there are people everywhere at everytime.

Talking about food, Italian food is so tasty and almost everyone loves it but it’s not very cheap to eat in restaurants. In general Rome isn’t cheap, hotels are too expensive and not so good but beeing a city so tourist it is not a problem for them. If you don’t want to expend a lot it’s better to go far from the center or find a good hostel and share a room.

And for those who love Moccia literature is obligatory to visit Milvio bridge, leave there a padlock with your true love and trough the key to the river for ensure love forever (or just go there and shocked because of the number of padlocks you will find there)

Finally it doesn’t matter if you are a history, art or travelling lover, in Rome you will find all you need to be satisfied.



Home sweet home

6 Nov

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After some months out of home is always heartwarming spent a few days at home. In my case I travel ten days to Madrid. It’s a little strange meet your friends and family again after this time, and sleeping in your bed, eating your moms homemade food…and of course party with your friends and a good film (in spanish) with your boyfriend or girlfriend (in case you have).
The first days pass very quickly, you are again with the people you love and you realize how much you miss them, in fact come back to Blagoevgrad can get a little hard, but a few days at home are always appreciated.

For me it was like coming again to reality and notice that anything had change there and everything is ok.  Palacio RealI could walk by my city and enjoy the company of the people I love. Holidays became short there and when I used to be there I had to come back here.

Madrid is a beautiful city with lots of things to show and interesting places to visit, and of course one of the best gallery in the world: Prado Museum. A walk by Gran Vía, a squid sandwich on Plaza Mayor or a quite evening in Retiro park are some of the things you can enjoy there.

And talking about party, Madrid is one of the best city to go party, there is everyday something open until the morning and people willing to go party, so for me, celebrate Halloween there was incredible.

If you never visited Madrid I encourage you to do it, I’m sure you will not regret.



I can’t finish my post without referring to tragedy occur in Madrid Arena on Halloween night. Four girls died and one is in critical condition on hospital because of an avalanche of people. It’s so sad that this type of tragedies continue occurring, I hope the guilty pay for that and I want to express my condolences to families and friends of this girls.

Six weeks adventure

22 Oct

Six weeks ago I started my adventure travelling as much as I can and trying to share my experiences with people the best I can with this blog. Since then I have learn more than I could imagine, using soundcloud, windows movie maker or simply word press that was unknown for me.

But I not only learn about how to create and maintain a blog, I had the opportunity to travel a lot and know more about different cultures. Like my blog said, spanish students love travelling, I love travelling and this year is bringing me so many opportunities to do it.

I like to remember how I started this blog, with a summer travel to the beach in Stavros http://wp.me/p2H4aA-w maybe it wasn`t the best travel of all I did and I was a little lost about how to write on my posts or what can I said but a travel to Greece is always welcomed.

Next week I went to Sofia the capital of the country in which I live now, like Iria said a different one:

“It’s older than other capitals, it does not look like modern cities with skyscrapers made ​​by glass or this kind of things.”

Maybe the interview was still a little soft but I enjoy so much this travel and write about it, it was wonderful and I get my first comments in a post! http://wp.me/p2H4aA-12 

Continuing with this country, if you live here (or you came on holidays) it’s obligated to visit the charming city of Melnik (the city of wines)

“Thats the other amazing attraction of Melnik, the wine. It has original cellars in the sand. It’s a unique form in the world to produce it”

I could make there another interview but what I like most (apart from wine) was could portray the amazing views of this city with my camera http://wp.me/p2H4aA-1u.

And almost finally, the magical Istanbul.

“The first thing you notice when you arrive to Istanbul is the immensity of this city. Wherever you look you will find a lot of movement: people, cars, boats…it`s amazing, above all if you came from any spanish city. The different of cultures and kind of life is clear.”

I had to divide it on two posts, and even that it was short because this city has too many thing to talk about. In my first post I try to practice my video editing skills making a video with music and photos about Istanbul http://wp.me/p2H4aA-2m and in the second I could get an interview with one of my friends who travels there with me and who shares their experience with all of us http://wp.me/p2H4aA-2r. Of course make photos there was amazing too.

Finally Edirne, a little city in Turkey near to the border. Sincerely it had not so many things to talk about, but I tried to take pictures and share the feelings and thinkings you have when you are there http://wp.me/p2H4aA-2G