Stavros, Greece

11 Sep

Stavros is a little town situated in the coast of Greece, in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a touristic place because of the beaches but is it really an interesting place for spanish students?

To answer this cuestion I have the help of Maria, another spanish student who is in an erasmus exchange in Blagoevgrad too.

Talking about the beach, the temperature of the water and the weather was perfect for a beach day

“I was swimming for hours!” she said.

So if you only want to go to the beach it’s a perfect destination but I remind you that there are many beautiful beaches in Spain that you can visit more easily.


Respect to the city it’s not a very beautiful one. It has no monuments or musseums that you can visit so you don’t need to leave the beach.

Another thing that makes this destination pretty more interesting is food. If you like eating you can taste typical greece food near to the beach and for a little money

“it’s cheaper than Spain but more expensive than Bulgaria” Maria said.

Salads, mussaka, feta cheese…it’s up to you!


So, will I recomend this place to spanish students? If you only want to sunbathe or swimming in the sea of course! If you like to do more look for another destination.



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