Sofia, Bulgaria

18 Sep

Sofia is the capital and largest city in Bulgaria, and is the third oldest European capital. Despite being a city not too touristic, especially when is compared to other European capitals, the center of Sofia offers a unique historical perspective. Maybe a day or two are sufficient to walk around the city, but really worth it.

To comment on the visit to Sofia I spoke with Iria, one of the Spanish students who traveled there last week. She confesses that she was surprised when, after seeing gray buildings, many destroyed and quite poor, the center of the city was really surprising, and she highlights the difference with other European capitals

“It’s older than other capitals, it does not look like modern cities with skyscrapers made ​​by glass or this kind of things.”

The church of St. Sophia, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the church of St. George, the Russian church … and even a small market with objects from World War II are charming places you can not miss.

Iria also tells us that in just a weekend had time to visit the city, partying, shopping …

“It’s like than little towns. Maybe go to party is a little more expensive but not so much. And then, go shopping is like in Spain or maybe more Because Zara Seems expensive here than in our country. “

Although as a single visit Sofia may seems a little, you can leveraged to visit other cities in Bulgaria in a cheap way and learn more about country.

The food, as in the rest of Bulgaria, good and cheap, and accommodation the same. If you are looking for an attractive and economical destination, Sophia is your city.


2 Responses to “Sofia, Bulgaria”

  1. florinka September 25, 2012 at 12:20 pm #

    I`m happy you made a post for my hometown! (: I like the photos.

  2. behealthybefit September 25, 2012 at 12:22 pm #

    I am from Sofia, hope you enjoyed your visit there. Amazing pictures. 🙂

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