Istanbul, Turkey (I)

2 Oct

The first thing you notice when you arrive to Istanbul is the immensity of this city. Wherever you look you will find a lot of movement: people, cars, boats…it`s amazing, above all if you came from any spanish city. The different of cultures and kind of life is clear.

Istanbul is full of mosques, but the first that came to mind is the Blue Mosque, the hugest one in  the city with six minarets. You can`t loose the opportunity to enter (without shoes, of course) and see where people still pray, it’s so interesting.

Close to Blue Mosque is situated St. Sofia, it was a church converted into a mosque and now is only a museum, the entrance could seem expensive but all touristic places with not free entrance cost the same, more or less.

And close to this you can see Topkapi Palace. When you arrive there you can feel like a sultan. It’s interesting to visit there the Harem to get an idea about how was life there so many years ago.

Another interesting visit is the Bosphorus cruise, where you can see all the city from the Bosphorus strait, and feel the difference between the european part of the city and the Asiatic part of the city. Of course it`s interesting to go to the Asiatic zone and look at the sea and at the city from there.

Galata tower lets you too look at amazing views of the city and take beautiful photos.

And of course it´s interesting to walk through the city and enjoy the different mosques, buildings or streets you can find.

You can feel the magic of this city in all this places


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