Istanbul, Turkey (II)

9 Oct

Last week I talked about first impressions and touristic places of Istanbul, but when you talk about this city is obligated to speak about shopping too.
And that’s true, in the bazaars of Istanbul you can find everything spices, jewelery, lamps, clothes… all at a price that you try to adapt yourself through bargaining.
So visits to the Grand Bazaar and the Egyptian Bazaar are required.

When you first walk to the Grand Bazaar you are not able to get an idea of how huge it is, is when you get lost in the halls and you appear in an exit practically across the city when you realize how big it is. It’s impossible to follow a straight path, the multitude and the sellers take you from one place to another, from one stand to another, from one hall to another …

Sometimes it’s a little overwhelming because sellers (that look to sell, obviously) don’t stop calling you and try to make conversation to achieve his goal. However, this means you can get a good price for the products you buy.

“At first it is difficult, in Spain is not usual to bargain so it may cost a bit to get a good price but once you get used to do it you will want to bargain everyday!”

Say Javier Martín, Erasmus journalism student in Bulgaria.

“However, we generally liked more the Egyptian market. It is quieter, you can see things more calmly without having a man overwhelm you to buy something “

And that’s true, the Egyptian market is much smaller but you can find practically the same things with more calm and not get lost among the halls. You can also find sweets and tea at a great price and enjoy the wonderful odors it releases.

For all this and the million things offered by Istanbul that we could not enjoy, I think it is one of the most exciting, interesting and magic place that can be visited.

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