Six weeks adventure

22 Oct

Six weeks ago I started my adventure travelling as much as I can and trying to share my experiences with people the best I can with this blog. Since then I have learn more than I could imagine, using soundcloud, windows movie maker or simply word press that was unknown for me.

But I not only learn about how to create and maintain a blog, I had the opportunity to travel a lot and know more about different cultures. Like my blog said, spanish students love travelling, I love travelling and this year is bringing me so many opportunities to do it.

I like to remember how I started this blog, with a summer travel to the beach in Stavros maybe it wasn`t the best travel of all I did and I was a little lost about how to write on my posts or what can I said but a travel to Greece is always welcomed.

Next week I went to Sofia the capital of the country in which I live now, like Iria said a different one:

“It’s older than other capitals, it does not look like modern cities with skyscrapers made ​​by glass or this kind of things.”

Maybe the interview was still a little soft but I enjoy so much this travel and write about it, it was wonderful and I get my first comments in a post! 

Continuing with this country, if you live here (or you came on holidays) it’s obligated to visit the charming city of Melnik (the city of wines)

“Thats the other amazing attraction of Melnik, the wine. It has original cellars in the sand. It’s a unique form in the world to produce it”

I could make there another interview but what I like most (apart from wine) was could portray the amazing views of this city with my camera

And almost finally, the magical Istanbul.

“The first thing you notice when you arrive to Istanbul is the immensity of this city. Wherever you look you will find a lot of movement: people, cars, boats…it`s amazing, above all if you came from any spanish city. The different of cultures and kind of life is clear.”

I had to divide it on two posts, and even that it was short because this city has too many thing to talk about. In my first post I try to practice my video editing skills making a video with music and photos about Istanbul and in the second I could get an interview with one of my friends who travels there with me and who shares their experience with all of us Of course make photos there was amazing too.

Finally Edirne, a little city in Turkey near to the border. Sincerely it had not so many things to talk about, but I tried to take pictures and share the feelings and thinkings you have when you are there


One Response to “Six weeks adventure”

  1. Melody November 13, 2012 at 10:16 am #

    Really like your video, but why is it untitled? 🙂

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