Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

20 Nov

I’ve lived in Blagoevgrad almost four months and I think is time to speak a little about this town and its touristic places.

At first appereance Blago doesn’t have any specially beautiful (except the surrounding nature). It count’s with some fountains in the center, near de Main Building of the American University, and some sculptures too.

But this city has an old and beautiful part. There you can find an hotel, a church and some beautiful and typical houses, it reminds me sweedish houses because of the architecture and the location.


Near there, there is a big park too where you can enjoy nature. And then, walking by the river around 4 kilometres from our ressidence (Skaptopara) you arrive at a beautiful (and artificial) lake in the mountains where you can ride a swan by only 2 leva.

And that’s one of the best things of Blago, is a very cheap town where you can eat for less than 5 Euros, go to the cinema for less than 3 Euros or have a drink for 1,5 Euros.

Live here could become too monotonous, but stay here a couple of days and leveraged to go to Rila Monastery and or going party could be a good option.


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